CBD Micromists


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How do CBD micromists work?

Verra CBD Micromists leverage a biphasic uptake, meaning the cannabinoids are first absorbed by the region under your tongue, then later absorbed as the product works its way through your digestive system.

CBD Micromist - Hawaiian Citrus

CBD Micromists

Verra CBD Micromists are scientifically formulated with superior bioavailability for fast-acting and long lasting relief.

What is a micromist?

Verra CBD Micromists are oral sprays infused with CBD isolate and fresh, botanical flavors.

Superior Bioavailability

Verra CBD micromists have been scientifically formulated for superior bioavailability and maximum results.

Consistent & Accurate Dosing

Our pharmaceutical grade device provides consistent & accurate dosing each and every time. For consistent results.

Convenient & Discreet

Verra CBD micromists come in a convenient and easy to use spray device, for relief on the go!

available in

4 botanical  flavors

Ceylon Cinnamon

Hawaiian Citrus

Mango Passion Fruit



A Restful Sleep

Vanilla CBD Micromist infused with Melatonin, for a good night’s sleep that lasts.

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