Verra Health is not just another CBD company in an already crowded space. We are a team of highly accomplished research scientists and pharmaceutical executives committed to developing the most accurate and consistent CBD products on the planet.

CBD is the primary active ingredient in the hemp plant. Research has demonstrated that it can provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits; however, the vast majority of CBD products are highly impure and poorly characterized, which adversely affects dosing accuracy, quality and consistency.

At Verra Health, we leverage science and research to develop the highest quality premium CBD products on the market. Our proprietary formulations and delivery technologies enhance the absorption and bioavailability of CBD while providing accurate and consistent dosing. We may take a scientific approach to what we do, but we take a total wellness approach to everything we offer. We take great pride in our integrity, accountability and commitment to scientific excellence—in everything we do and everyone we do it for!


At Verra Health, our main goal is to leverage science and research to improve people’s lives through healthier product offerings. Sounds simple, but, in reality, it is not. In a new, rapidly changing industry, there remain significant hills to climb. Product quality, consistency, safety and effectiveness are as paramount to our mission as our integrity.

We understand the enormous benefits of CBD and its therapeutic potential and are committed to providing them like no other company. Delivering the benefits of CBD —with standardized dosing and formulations and enhanced absorption and bioavailability —is quite simply what we are all about.

We offer an assortment of premium CBD products in several unique modes of administration, including oral sprays, topicals and soft gel capsules.  Our products are scientifically-formulated for improved delivery—it’s what is best for our customers and you can count on us to provide the highest quality products on the market. Now that’s redefining an industry!


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